Assassin’s Creed II: A Masterpiece of Video Game Creation

In many games, it’s difficult to locate historical facts that have anything in relation to the mainframe or plotline of the game itself. Moreover, there are card games that are completely different from such games and despite that such games are really popular among games. However, casino and gambling activities are illegal in Indonesia making it really difficult for players to enjoy their favorite game. This is games like Assassin’s Creed comes to the rescue.

Yet with Assassin’s Creed II, the story not only incorporates historical facts from real people, places, and events but portrays them with a very believable relish. The developers and designers behind the Assassin’s Creed series have made it possible for this action game to be educational, as well as fun to the gamers involved in playing it. The developers took real places such as Venice, Florence, Rome, and even Monteriggioni to make this a non-linear game, with many twists and turn to provide a believable, yet unbelievable plotline.

Yes. In the case of the gameplay, it is a non-linear game. And yes, there are certain points in the sequence of the storyline that the game or player will have to play from sequence of memory to memory, just so the storyline can progress alone the lines it needs to. When it comes to assassination missions and collecting treasures as well as feathers, there is a great deal of freedom when or if the player wishes to complete them at all. There are also the probabilities to improve the weapons and armor that Ezio Auditore da Firenze wears, as well as receive or purchase new ones. As in many games and as to be expected, some weapons and armor are weaker than others, while others are stronger and provide bonuses to health and protection, but can be slightly more expensive or difficult to find. The non-linear idea and presence behind the game allow a greater chance to meet different people and travel to different locations of Venice, Florence, and so on.

When it comes to storylines, there is always a need for the in-depth telling of the plotlines and the history of the characters involved, which Assassin’s Creed II provides. The storyline provides the necessary background information that a player would be interested in knowing about the main character, Ezio, and his struggle to grow into his new role as an Assassin. As well as getting revenge on those who destroyed and killed his family. The locations that the developers have Ezio’s character travel to are surprisingly historically accurate with their educational facts that allow the player to learn about each location without making it too much like an educational game while still maintaining it’s an original action-packed adventure. As with many games, there can be only one or several other characters that the main character or playable character can interact with. With Assassin’s Creed II, there are more than a few characters that Ezio can interact with, who can provide extra missions for him to complete or provide information about a current mission. Many of these secondary characters are real historical figures that have been known to have created quite a name for themselves in history. These figures include such names as Catherina Sforza, Pope Alexander VI, Leonardo da Vinci, and Niccolo Machiavelli.

As pertaining to many of the older videos of the PS1 series of video games, vocal acting was not thought of being in desperate need, but as the games and the graphics have gotten better along with the game systems, so has the need for good vocal talent. This desire is also needed for such games as Assassin’s Creed II, which has a great story to tell. Roger Craig Smith, who has a very prominent vocal part in Resident Evil 5 as Chris Redfield, is the vocal talent behind Ezio. As he was impressive as Chris Redfield, he was equally so as his Assassin’s Creed II counterpart, Ezio. When it comes to vocal acting for video games, there is not as much credit given for that talent as there is for the graphics. Graphics can make or break a game, but the same also goes for its vocal acting talents. When it comes to the believability of a game’s plotline and basic story, vocal talents have to be just as good or better than a game’s graphics to really make it a success story.

One of the most interesting aspects of this plotline was the incorporation of ancient mythology. Particularly attaining to the Roman gods and the origins of mankind. In this game, it is called The Truth as Subject Sixteen would call it. And that’s how it’s referred to throughout the game. For more information about The Truth and a more in-depth description of it, please visit the Assassin’s Creed wiki ( If you wish to be surprised, then it is a surprise that can make a person think. Not on the level that this Truth could be real, but the facts that are incorporated in The Truth have historical origins, even thou this is a telling of fiction.

While the pros for Assassin’s Creed II are numerous and far too many to physically count, the cons are glaringly obvious that they are impossible to ignore. For those who have already played the game will understand this author’s confusion towards the ending of the game. There will be no spoilers here on the actually ending, thou. The ending is confusing but can be called enlightening as well. It provides some information as to why everything is happening around Ezio and Desmond Miles, the true main character behind the Assassin’s Creed games. While this information is provided to both characters by a most unexpected source, it is someone that this author was not expecting to find. And in the Vatican Vault of all places. For centuries, people have wondered what was really down there, in real life, but of course, it is very doubtful that it’s the same thing as in Assassin’s Creed II. But one could hope. For that would be an amazing discovery, even if it is unlikely.

There were doubts, even with the success of the first game, that Assassin’s Creed II could continue its success and it did. It has been able to combine education and entertainment into a game that makes it almost impossible to put the controller down once you have started playing it. For many gamers, this author included, this game was impossible to turn off until The Truth was discovered and Enzio’s story played out. That is the type of game that will always be successful. One that grabs the audience and doesn’t let go.

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