Best European Roulette Tips

Did you know that roulette is one of the most popular games that is played by several people across the world? It is actually the third most played game after video poker and slots. It is popular for many reasons but among the top reasons is that you can learn the game very fast because it is easy and the game will give you a lot of fun. Of the different versions of the roulette games that you can find at online casino Malaysia, the European roulette is preferred the most. To be able to play this game effectively you will need to know some European roulette tips.

There are other versions of roulette and the one that comes close to the European roulette is the American roulette. It is not much favored by many roulette players because its house edge is more than that of the European roulette. The American roulette has a double zero and it has a house edge of five point two six while the European roulette has two-point six three that is what makes it a favorite among the roulette games.

Another of the European roulette advantages is that you can be able to take advantage of what is called the en prison rule. When the ball lands on the zero marks you are allowed to bet again without losing the money that you had bet previously. If you win the next bet you will not be paid for that but you will still be lucky because you will not have lost your previous bet meaning you still keep your money. This is one of the European roulette tips that you will find has attracted many players for a long and they always make use of it when the opportunity presents itself.

You should always consider sticking with betting on colors because they give you a fifty percent chance of winning. Betting on the colors is a better way of playing because it is safer and will keep you playing for longer giving you a better chance of increasing your bankroll. It is better that you stop playing the game if you reach a point where you find yourself losing several bets in a row. Walking away from the game helps you save whatever is left of your bankroll and gives you the chance to fight another day rather than lose everything.

It is also important that you walk away when you find yourself winning a lot of the bets and you have increased your bankroll significantly. This is one of the most critical European roulette tips that you will need to always remember when you start winning. This is because when you have worn too many times this is when you are most vulnerable and you are likely to lose a lot of the money that you have worn or even at worst your whole bankroll. Never buy systems that promise to help you win in roulette because they do not produce the results that they say they do and you will not end up in disappointment. Lastly, practice until you have perfected the above tips

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