Captain Cannon’s Circus of Cash – How it is played?

CAPTAIN CANNON’S CIRCUS OF CASH is an online video slot powered by ASH GAMING. This slot has a mad circus theme and has 5 reels and 25 winning paylines. As you spin the reels, you will notice familiar sounds of a fairground/circus, as well as the roaring of the WILD LION.

The symbols on the reels consist of 10’s, J’s, Q’s, K’s, A’s, a Beautiful Assistant, a Clown, a Seal balancing a ball and a Daredevil. As mentioned, the Wild symbols are the and they will substitute al other symbols on the reels. 

When you first enter this slot, it doesn’t seem like there’s much to it, but after playing for a while you will see how much it really has to offer. There are actually to take part in.

To explain in detail how each bonus feature works on this slot could take some time, so for the purpose of this review they will just be explained in brief. The nine different features appear to the right of the reels (in the ladder) and to activate one of them, you will need to light all of the letters to spell the word BONUS. A Strongman hammers the red feature ladder button. The features appearing at 카지노사이 should be used with excellence to get the winning. The activation of the features is done to play the games at the slot machines. The symbols and graphics are checked to get the right results at the slot tables. 

Potential bonus prizes correspond to the actual height that the feature ladder climbs to. Therefor the Captain Canon feature has the best prizes and the Fire Breather feature awards the lowest prizes.

 The Progressive Jackpot can be won when three GOLDEN CLOWN symbols appear in any of the top 3 features. 

The fire breather appears and has the power to ignite up to three reels, turning them completely wild and therefore generating additional wins.


When she appears, she gets her whip out and whips up to a maximum of 5 random symbols wild, helping to generate more line wins.


When this big guy appears, he runs across the reels and knocks some symbols off their position. New symbols will then cascade and fall into their place from above, guaranteeing additional wins.

Two mysterious bearded ladies will appear and you will get the chance to shave one of these characters with a 50/50 chance of revealing a hidden beauty to win the top prize. All wins here pay between 5x to 50x your stake.


Three strongmen will appear here and you have to guess which one is the strongest. Your prize will continue to climb until the one you selected drops the dumbbell. All wins here pay between 10x to 80x your stake.

Several balloons will be revealed to you here. You become the knife thrower and must simply throw the knives to burst the balloons and reveal prizes. You will start with 5 throws, but additional throws (as well as cash prizes) can also be won. All wins here pay between 5x to 100x your stake.


Players can win Free Spins and multipliers in this round, depending on which coloured balloons appear.


Your aim is to cross the tightrope and claim as many prizes as you can here. All wins here pay between 10x to 100x your stake.


The Daredevil is fired out of the cannon, scooping prizes as he flies. All wins here pay between 20x to 1000x your stake. Plenty of big prizes available here.

 This slot is and highly recommended, although the music can get a bit annoying after five or so minutes.

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