Casino Tropez Blackjack Cafe Review

Blackjack is an extremely fun game to play and it is also a bit challenging (especially compared to other casino games in which you press a button or spin a wheel!). However, it is worth it because one can obtain a statistical advantage over the casino and bring in quite a bit of money. In this site I am going to share some tips and experiences that I have had on the blackjack table.

Hitting 12s With A Negative Count Against Dealer Bust Cards

So as you may (or may not) know, you are often supposed to go against basic strategy and hit 12s when the dealer shows a 4 to 6. When the count goes negative it makes sense for you to hit these hands, because only a 10 value card busts you and if the count is negative then a lot of 10s have already been played.

The problem is, of course, that if you hit a 12 against a dealer 6, there is still a good chance that you will take a ten, which may have busted the dealer. If you hit a 12 against a 6 and are playing with lots of other people at the table and take a dealer bust card then watch out they will often pounce on you like a pack of wolves!

For this reason, since I have a minimum bet on the table anyway when the count is negative, I just make the basic strategy move regardless of whether it is the mathematically correct move. I don not want everyone at the table to hate me; I play blackjack for fun as much as for profit. If the count is really negative and I really want to hit I will usually throw out some friendly disclaimer to the rest of the table, warning them about what I am about to do. This will hopefully soften them up a bit in case things do not work out and you draw a ten and the next card is a five – giving the dealer a perfect 21. This is why when choosing a casino, whether it is land based or online, it is better to choose a reliable and reputable one. Pkv poker is one of the trusted casino sites so you may want to consider that one also.

Two Wacky Deviations From Basic Strategy Led To Big Profits

Last night after playing some poker I decided to hit up the blackjack table. I made three really off the wall moves that most blackjack players (who do not count cards) would think that I am a fool to make. I was able to make these moves and profit immensely from them because I have learned my deviations from basic strategy based on the true count.

I am going to share with you three hands in which deviations from basic strategy came into play. On two of the hands I made a bunch of money. On the third I just won a minimum bet. Keep in mind that for the first two hands the true count was super high (around plus 10) so I had huge bets out there.

Hand Number 1:

I put out a monster bet and got an Ace, 9 for a total of 20. The dealer had a six showing which is by far his best bust card. Normally I would just sit on this hand. However, since there was so many ten value cards left in the deck I doubled down (and risked breaking up my 20). Sure enough, the dealer busted and I won a huge hand off of a move that most people would consider foolish.

Hand Number 2:

With another sky high true count I got dealt two tens for a total of twenty. The dealer showed six again. Normally you would sit on this total as 20 is an extremely strong blackjack hand. However, I split my tens because the true count was well above five. Sure enough I got dealt a ten on each hand and the dealer busted out too.

Hand Number 3:

This was another favorite hand of the night even though I did not make much money off of it. The count was super low so I had my minimum bet out there. I got dealt two 8s. Even average blackjack players know the phrase always split aces and eights. However, since there was so many small cards out there I decided to hit. I got a five for a 21.

Beautiful! It really is very satisfying when you make a move based on the true count that pays off for you.

Best of luck to you in your gambling endeavors.

Albuquerque NM Blackjack Report

I went back to my favorite Albuquerque, NM casino last night – a casino that I am banned from playing at because of counting cards. However, after a seven month absence from the casino I decided to give it a shot.

I bought into a two deck game for a low amount ($110) so as not to draw attention to myself and played for about four hours. Luckily I did not run into any trouble the whole night. The pit boss that gave me the boot the last time I played at this casino was not there tonight. Hopefully I am now in the clear and will be able to hit up this casino every once in a while.

I ended up walking away from the table with $270 after dealer tips. Pretty good night. I was just glad not to get hassled and/ or kicked out of the casino. I am probably going to stick with buying in for pretty low amounts here so that hopefully I can have some longevity.

Mobile Gaming

I take the train to work every day and have a lot of down time to play around on my mobile device. I just found out about mobile gaming – not too bad… now I can gamble on my smartphone!

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