Club World Casino Free Spins Bundle for Registered Players

Big time promotions have been coming out as we open up the month of March. There have been some great games coming out from many of the top online casinos in the game today. While many of the promotions out there are going to give players a nice chunk of change when they make their deposits at the site, the new promotion from the Club World Casino is one that is likely to draw some attention. The promo is called the Free Spins Bundle, and it is going to run only until the middle of this week, so it’s important that you make sure to get in on the promotion as soon as possible. The exact dates of the promo are going to be from Monday the 4th of March through Wednesday the 6th.

The idea behind the promotion is pretty straight forward. It is going to award players who make deposits during these days a good number of free spins on some different popular online slot machines. The bonuses are going to be broken down by different promotions codes, or coupon codes as they are called at the Club World Casino. The bonuses are broken down into different tiers that are going to cater to all different levels of players, so regardless of if you are a low stakes grinder or a high stakes player, you can get a good number of free spins at one of a few different online casinos. Free spins are available at poker online site to get the desired results to the gamblers. Different bonuses and rewards are available to the gamblers to win more at the platform. The placing of the bets is there with the skills and intelligence of the players. The experience of the player is great to meet the desired results. 

The first bonus code is going to be SPINBUNDLE1, and this is a deposit of $25 to get a $25 slots bonus, but also to earn 25 free spins on the game Builder Beaver. This code will not only give you a nice bonus but also some free spins as well, and all three of the different bonuses are going to give you these same types of perks. The next bonus is going to be a $50 slots bonus when you deposit $50, but you are also going to earn 35 free spins on the Loch Ness Loot game with the coupon code of SPINBUNDLE2. Last but not least is going to be the option to deposit $75 and get a $75 slots bonus, but also to earn 45 free spins on Hillbillies with the coupon code SPINBUNDLE3.

It is important to note that with these three different promotions that players can only use each of the codes one time during the promotion time frame. You are also only going to be able to claim the bonuses here through the downloadable version of the Club World Casino. This simply means that the instant play casino won’t allow you to use the codes, so be sure to login through the downloadable option so that you can get the free spins and also a good chunk of free money to play with as well in your online casino account. Remember, the promo only runs until the end of Wednesday though, so you don’t have too long to take advantage of it.

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