Crimecraft – a Persistent First Person Shooter Mmorpg

Let me start off by saying that CrimeCraft is NOT safe for players under age 18, and the ESRb wont even touch trying to rate it’s content.

That being said, Crimecraft is a great game, and a lot of fun to play. If you like games like Gunz Online, and Hellgate London, you will love Crimecraft.

Upon starting the game for the first time, and creating your character, the first thing you will see is a PvP battle. Yes, within seconds of creating your character, you are effectively turned into cannon fodder. This effectively sets the stage for the style of play you will be subjected to in CrimeCraft. If you’re not up for a fast-paced firefight as part of almost every mission, this is probably not the game for you. After that PvP battle is over, you enter Sunrise City.

As you enter the game one of Sunrise City’s finest will want to speak with you. To find him, begin walking forward from where you entered the city. You will see a police officer surveying the scene at an intersection nearby. To speak to him, walk up to him, turn to face him and left-click him. This will bring up a small conversation window.

Left-click him a second time with this small window up to open the Mission dialogue. Read the mission dialogue text, and then click Accept to take your first Mission. This mission will send you to speak to a shopkeeper in a nearby weapon shop. Enter the store, and speak to the shopkeeper, using the same combination of left-clicks you used to speak to the Police Officer.

When you speak to the shopkeeper, he will offer to complete your first mission, and then offer another. Click Complete and then Accept to take this second mission. The Shopkeeper will give you a weapon. To equip this weapon, open your character interface by pressing Tab, then in the upper bar, click on the very first icon on the top row. This will open your character window.

From your inventory in the lower right, pick up the Assault Rifle (AR), and drag it over to the empty weapon slot above your pistol. You are now armed for battle, and ready to join your first instance. To join your first match, open your interface by pressing Tab and clicking the Globe icon on the upper row , to open the map. Then, select one of the red match icons by right clicking it. This will bring up the game type selection menu. Click on your preferred game type and select join to enter the queue. When your match is ready, you will be notified of this, Press U to join the match. Enjoy the fight! Surely, you will love this game if you are fanatic shooter game category player. It may be different from pkv games, but these games share common things – they are both awesome to play. With amazing graphics, concepts and amazing gameplay, there is no doubt that you will love this game. So what are you waiting for? Go now and download this game and don’t be competitive too much. Have fun!

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