Heads Up Poker Tips

Heads up poker is when you play against only one other opponent which is becoming a lot more popular throughout the internet poker rooms. It gives players a 50% chance of winning money which is by far the best odds you’ll find in online poker on Situs Judi Bola. You’ll also need to learn how to play heads up for tournament play, simply because if you ever make it to the final two you’ll be playing heads up. No matter what the situation is you’re reading this article because you want heads up poker tips and that’s exactly what we’re going to give you.


Just like everyone says position is everything at www.PokerStars.com and this holds true for heads up poker as well. Acting last after the flop, turn and river is a definite advantage for you because you get to see exactly what your opponent does and then you can act based on there move. You’ll have position 50% of the time in heads up poker and you should make sure you win as many of these hands as possible.


You need to play aggressive poker.com if you want to do well in heads up poker. Most of the times in heads up poker hands are won before the flop due to a raise from one of the players. Make sure that you’re the one making the pre-flop raises and taking the blinds down. As the blinds increase this will really help your stack and will begin to cripple your opponent. You also need to know when to slow down though and finding this balance is key to your success.

Reading Your Opponent

It’s vital that you work on understanding how your opponent plays immediately in the heads up action. It’s important you have a feel for when they have a hand and when there bluffing or when there on a draw. You’re not always going to be correct, but by having some idea of how your opponent is playing is a must for long-term success in heads up poker.


Sometimes folding a hand can be better then winning a hand due to the fact some people win small pots and lose big pots. You need to know when you’re beat in a hand and just lay it down and move on before committing too many chips into the pot. Folding is a skill that so many poker players overlook and I feel it’s important that you realize folding is just as good as winning a pot in some cases.


Since in heads up poker.net action both of you will most likely not have any type of hand most of the time the player who bluffs the most often wins. You should also be looking for opportunities to bluff your opponent out of a pot. The only thing I would like to add in here is that you should make sure the bluff is going to be worthwhile because sometimes you might get re-raised or called and then you’re in trouble.

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