Irelands Online Gambling Hopes – Get to know about the hopes 

At a time when many countries in the world are closing their doors to online casinos (the United States and Argentina come to mind as two large countries that are currently taking or have taken in the past actions to ban online gambling), there are still some countries out there that would like a chance at seeing what they can do with this particular source of gaming revenue. The country of Ireland is one such country and all indications appear to be that the country is going to take one giant step to the left in its political outlook through two actions they are planning to take regarding online gambling.

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The first is not an action for online gambling actually, but there is a very important indirect relationship involved. This action involves the nationalization of all casinos within the borders of the country and subsequent regulation of the casinos so that they conform to government standards. At the same time the government is going to be doing this, it also appears as though the government of Ireland is warming up to the idea of drawing online gambling operations to their shores. If the plan is successful, it could see many of the world’s biggest online gambling operations, now situated in areas of the world such as South America, jump ship and move to the shores of a country whose reputation is much larger in the world stage.

According to most analysts within the industry, the main push behind both of these moves is coming from an organization known as The Gaming and Leisure Association of Ireland. This association jump-started both campaigns through circulating a petition and then presenting that petition to the government. The regulations and legislation that will be coming out of the Irish legislature appear to be very blatantly aimed at making Ireland the next major base of operations for online gambling operations. According to the cost-benefit analysis of the situation that was done by the academics involved in this particular operation, a successful endeavor would create at least 10,000 new jobs in Ireland while at the same time generating the government an additional $68 million in annual revenue. At a time when the world’s economy is about as uncertain as it has been in a generation, such a move could bring about a stabilizing influence at least insofar as the government is concerned.

While this is all happening in Ireland, people in the United States are watching with interest. There are even some politicians in the country that are taking a closer look despite having signed onto the bill passed in 2006 that effectively ended all online gambling in the country. With the United States in terrible economic shape, it appears as though the positive economic impact of the legalization of online gambling is starting to be seriously considered once again. It would not be the first time that monetary concerns caused politicians to flip flop in the country and for that reason the whole world seems to be watching Ireland to see how the experiment unfolds.

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