Killzone 2 Pushed Back

During Playstation Day in Europe, Sony has revealed that they have pushed back Killzone 2 into early 2009. Playstation 3 gamers have to wait a little longer to get their hands on one of the most anticipated games on the system.

The development for Killzone 2 was rocky even before it started. The first Killzone was hyped as a Halo-killer but turned out to be a major disappointment with mediocre reviews.

Guerrilla Games, the developers of the series, took it upon themselves to improve the quality of the series with Killzone: Liberation for the PSP. Despite being a critical success, not many gamers had played the spin-off. Only a sequel of the original can turn the stigma around.

But the problem with sequels is that very few of them are able to do justice to the prequel without deviating from the plot and it remains to be seen how Killzone 2 will be different from other Pkv Games that have seen many sequels where none have been able to match the original.

Sony decided to up the ante for Killzone 2 when they revealed a computer-generated trailer for the game at E3 2005. The trailer was awe-inspiring with realistic graphics and life-like animation. It was so good that many questions if all of it can be done during real-time gameplay. The high expectations were set for Guerrilla Games to deliver on the impossible. Sony didn’t exactly help since they were wishy-washy over whether or not the footage was done in real-time.

Guerrilla Games had a lot of work to accomplish. The real Killzone 2 won’t be shown for another two years. Frustration began to mount for both Sony and Guerrilla Games. What was hyped as a system-selling title is nowhere on the radar. It doesn’t help that the Playstation was lacking in the game department at that time as well.

Killzone 2 finally debuted during E3 2007. The audience was wowed again with another great trailer. This time it was all done in real-time. Years of development has paid off for Guerrilla Games now that the stigma has been lessened. Killzone 2 was still at the earliest stages of development and there was still a lot of work to be done, however.

Killzone 2 disappeared from the spotlight once again. Although a release date was never announced, the game was expected to ship in the spring of 2008. As the time passed, Killzone 2 was nowhere in sight. In fact, news about the game has been scarce after the debut.

During an event at the end of 2007, Guerrilla Games finally revealed that they hoped to have a beta for Killzone 2 in the first half of 2008. Speculations were that the game will be shipped in September of 2008. However, rumors had begun to run rampant about Killzone 2 going over budget and needing more time.

These rumors turned out to be true as Killzone 2 is now slated to be release in February 2009. This is quite disheartening for fans, especially the latest spectacular footage that was shown along with the announcement. The agonizing wait for Killzone 2 will continue into next year.

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