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Turbo Poker

Many have heard the phrase turbo poker coined a lot over the past 9 to 12 months and some have found out just what Turbo poker really is. While this is the case, there are others out there that are still trying to find out the holy grail of this fast paced poker game.

If you are someone who enjoys a poker game but finds the long interludes when your fold can be quite monotonous when playing online, then turbo poker is for you. Read on as we delve into turbo poker and tell you what it’s all about

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What is Turbo Poker

Turbo poker is an innovative and fairly new type of online poker game that was started in 2012. The idea behind turbo poker is to speed up your game play so you don’t have to wait long periods between rounds when you fold early on.

Turbo poker works by giving the player the ability to move between tables when they fold so they can start straight back in a new game with new players when they fold. This allows for no break in gaming like standard poker and gives the player an opportunity to play more hands in a shorter period of time.

The process is that you start playing at a turbo poker game and when you fold you have the option of staying at the current table or moving to another table in the pool of tables you have been entered in when joining the game. If you move on you will instantly go to a table where a seat is free to join. Typically you will play your first hand blind as you get used to the fun and frolics on your new table.

When did Turbo Poker Launch

As mentioned, it was launched in 2012. As it was rolled out, more and more online poker sites joined in with their own variations, this means that whilst the overall name is turbo poker, you may find many sites using their own brand of turbo poker.

Why do people enjoy Turbo Poker

Poker players the world over who enjoy a game or two online truly enjoy turbo poker because of its fast and frenetic nature. Rather than the usual game that we all enjoy, imagine taking this game and making it faster with the opportunity of changing players throughout your game play. Turbo poker is the future of online poker gaming because it removes the periods where you usually have to wait for hands to finish.

Where can I play Turbo Poker

There are a great many sites you can play turbo poker at, it seems that any poker site worth their salt has got their own version of turbo poker designed and available to play. To help you we have put a list of some of the best below for you to review and choose from

Turbo poker sites:

  • Party Poker Fast Forward Poker
  • Sun Poker Speed Holdem
  • Pokerstars Zoom Poker
  • Unibet Fast Poker
  • Terminal Poker
  • Bet365 Sprint Poker
  • Ladbrokes Blaze Poker

Each version has its subtle differences; some offer you the ability to choose the amount of tables in your pool whilst others offer a higher number of total tables. The actual style of play differs too, this means its worth viewing a number before choosing the turbo poker site that you prefer.

What should I be aware of

If you are not used to table poker, it can be quite fast and difficult to keep up with. For this reason it is worth starting off in a smaller pool of tables and building up to the maximum for sites that allow you the choice.

When moving to a new table most turbo poker sites make you play the first hand blind which can mean you are at a disadvantage on your first hand.

Learn more about turbo poker

If you have read and devoured the information we have put before you and feel you have learnt well about turbo poker, why not go and play for yourself. If you feel the knowledge was of use but want to learn more about turbo poker then allow us to deliver a wealth of more knowledge through our site.

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