Momentous May At Bingo Magix – Know about it!!

This month, Bingo MagiX aims to fulfill every player’s need. The site is notable for providing their players with quality gaming experience. They also have a tendency to cosset their darling fans with enjoyable promotions. The site possesses those qualities that set a bingo site apart from the rest, and this obsession of theirs to keep players happy is well regarded.

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All the players at Bingo MagiX will be pleased to know that the site is offering oodles of bonus and free games.

The 3 popular bingo variants at the site bring with them an eclectic range of promotions. If you are looking for a bingo site which lets you play 150 hours of free games this month, look no further. Play free games for 5 hours every single day at the 75 ball bingo room. Additionally, if you wish to make a deposit, the site will double all your deposits as bonus.

Daily cash jackpots worth £200 are being offered at the 90 ball bingo variant. Every day, there are 4 games held each with the pot size of £50. You could get lucky into making some extra bucks this month at Bingo MagiX.

The 80 ball variant will electrify all bingo winners with twice the joy. In this variant, winners are bestowed with extra bonus, apart from the usual bingo winning prize. Quite simply put, players will win again on their winnings.

The slot fans are being offered £5000 to chance upon by merely doing what they love best – spinning them machines. Indulge in the slot games and top 10 players who wager the most every week are awarded with a portion of the £5000 reward.

Bingo MagiX offers all new players a trial bonus of £15 on registration. Another £20 bonus, which is absolutely free can also be claimed by trying the site on your mobile.

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