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People are widely discussing the situation with online gambling in the USA, but forget about European online casinos, which also play a big role for the gambling world and contribute a lot to the development of this industry. Today the European Commission is working hard at the creation of a common gambling zone, which will unite different countries. But despite such efforts, every country is going by its own way, and today the news have come from Denmark and Ireland. Let’s see at the developments there.

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In fact, in Denmark it is possible to play online casino games today only through the state owned Danske Spil according to the legislation of the country. However, the European Commission with its attempts to unify a zone for virtual gambling, has changed the situation. From July 1, 2010, private online casino operators will be eligible to enter the market in Denmark and to establish there their own sites. From one side it will make the market more competitive, but from the other side there are certain risks.

However, Denmark tries to do everything to make this sphere safe and secure. That’s why the government introduced its own bills, which will regulate the functioning of online casino operators at the territory of this country. First of all, all of them should have a license, which will be issued only after January, 1, 2011. It will prolong the monopoly of Danske Spil company more than for 6 months.

And according to Danish newspapers, the government is going to apply strict measures to those online gambling operators, who will тагтсешщт without necessary permission. If such violations are revealed, then the sites will be blocked. Certainly, it is a guarantee for the gamblers, that they won’t come across frauds and hackers. Moreover, gamblers, who will play at online casinos without a license, will experience certain difficulties as well. It will be extremely difficult for them to withdraw money from the accounts after July, 1.

What is the situation in Ireland? In fact, online casinos are legal there, but until now they haven’t paid any taxes to the government. Quite recently the authorities in Ireland decided to levy taxes on online and phone sport betting sites. The tax is 1%. And online casino operators are soon will be subject to the taxation. However, this decision has caused absolutely controversial opinions and discussions. Some people think that such taxation will help to attract additional funds to the budget, what is a plus considering current economic recession. But online casino operators are sure that it is a serious blow on their own state of matters and it will result in job losses. For example, major online casino operator in Ireland, Paddy Power, planned to create 350 new workplaces, but after it heard the news, the implementation of the idea was postponed.

So in Europe the situation with online casino gambling is also not simple, as every country would like to introduce its own bills, but not to follow the directions of the European Commission.

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