Oklahoma City Poker at LuckyStar Casino

When it comes to playing poker in Oklahoma City you do not really have that many options. If you are looking for a quite place that is not well known by many people then you may want to consider looking into LuckyStar Casino in Concho, OK. LuckyStar is located just about 30 minutes to the west of Oklahoma City. All you have to do is head west on I-40 then head north once you reach Highway 81 and you can miss it.

On most nights LuckyStar will have at least one $1-2 No-limit holdem game going. The game has a max buy-in of $200 and is great for people who are trying to keep from playing in the bigger games that are found at other casinos. For the most part the competition at LuckyStar is fairly soft. There are a few competent players but for the most part it is full of “calling stations”. A calling station is a person who will just play any hand and call until the last card comes. This can make for a profitable game if you know how to adjust to these players. Some afternoons LuckyStar will get a $1-2 PLO game going. PLO is short for Pot Limit Omaha. This game unlike Texas Holdem is full of excitement. It is not uncommon to see pots that can be in excess of $1,000 on the table. For anyone who likes the action there is not a better Omaha game in town.

Most nights of the week LuckyStar will have some type of tournament going on. Usually these tournaments start at 7:00 p.m. and will have a buy-in of $25. These are single table tournaments that are extremely fast paced and for the most part are just shovefests, which is a poker term for when everyone goes all in every other hand. On the weekends is when LuckyStars holds their better weekly tournaments. Friday through Sunday they will host a tournament with a buy-in of $60 that usually draw around 40-50 people. The Sunday afternoon tournament usually has the most people and has a first place price of somewhere around $1,000. The top finishers in these tournaments qualify for what is call the Shooting Star Classic. This is a freeroll poker tournament that is hosted by LuckyStar in which they put $70,000 in the prize pool. This is a tournament with a lot of value so for anyone who can qualify they definitely should give it a look.

Poker has always been a favorite of gamblers worldwide and most of them simply cannot do without having a nice game and losing out a fortune, which is the main reason why they indulge into the game although people new to the gambling profession would do better and start it out easy with kiu99 as it is simpler in format compared to Poker and Blackjack.

So if you live in the Oklahoma City area or are just passing through you will want to look into the LuckyStar Casino poker room. You will really enjoy what you find.

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