Playing Video Poker Online – How to play the games 

Nowadays you don’t even have to – step out of the comfort of your house, make sure you take enough cash, and find a casino where there is a video poker machine available – in order to play your favorite card game. If you have a credit card or better still… if you sign up to an e-wallet account like moneybookers, click2pay or NETeller, then you could be playing video poker online.

At the pkv games online site, you are provided with a guide for the playing of the online games. It will provide you the chances to pick a game according to your choice and preference. The playing of the games will provide more bonuses and rewards to the players at the platform. 

With some research on the internet you’ll find a convenient online gambling room, a poker machine and you are ready to play. Technology advancements have led to casino games improving in quality and functionality.

Video poker can be compared to chess, a poker strategy is needed, but chance also plays a part. You will never get rich by playing video poker online, but if you are a cards fan, and you like strategy, planning, and wish to test your poker skills, then why not to give it a try.

This is among the few games that can be “beaten”, perhaps that’s also why it has gained such popularity among players. If you are a first time player, and you only want to “test the market”, but would like to try online video poker, there is plenty of online material to read – explaining the game, what strategies you should follow, dos and don’ts…

On the other hand those of you who already play video poker online, already know that these playing formulas and strategies exist. You can learn and read about these strategies to perfect them.

Regarding the types and variations of video poker, there are a few that should be mentioned. Perhaps the most popular is “jacks or better” – your tactics, strategic thinking, spiced up with a little luck… could give you 90%+ chance of winning.

Then, there is “deuces wild”, where again if you have a good strategy plus if you count hands with a little patience and some invested money – the odds of winning are great. Both in the case of “jacks or better” and “deuces wild” it is good that you have a strong knowledge background, which you can gain by surfing the net and reading material on the topic.

There are many experts in the field who dedicated their time to years and years of video poker and now they pass on their valuable knowledge for others to gain from. “Bonus poker” has a relatively simplistic layout as a game, easy to understand and again you have to rely both on chance and knowledge. Four cards of the same kind seems to be the common link for most variations of the video poker, because it is about getting four of a kind in order to win.

The “double bonus’s” secret is the gathering of four aces in order to make payout, while the “double double bonus” requires different types of four of a kind, not just aces. As seen from this short summary, there are many possibilities and plenty of combinations. All it needs is your determination and patience to win.

The “ace invaders” variation of the video poker game, or “aces and faces”, or “bonus flush” are all variations you should be familiar with in case you want to become a video poker player. If you want to become more of an expert, or if you have some great expectations of winning, you should calculate what the odds of winning are.

If you can’t make your own calculations, programmers have developed programs to help you. With a simple search you can find and download software which calculates the probabilities of winning. The program is not a guarantee of winning, it is just a suggestion to improve your video poker.

If you measure up the advantages and disadvantages of video poker and compare it to other casino games. Players may become addicted, but you can’t lose more than $5 at a time (maybe in some cases a bit more), and you can stop at anytime. It is important that once you settle for the online version of a casino, you choose a website that has some reputation among gamers. The online site must make you feel at ease.

The method of payment should be convenient and shouldn’t jeopardize the security of any of your personal information. Is there flexibility? Does the gambling site accept more than just one method of payment – both credit cards and e-payment methods? Does it look secure and is it a trustworthy site?

Before entering an online casino, and especially if you have never played casino games before, you should first download and install a free version of the video poker game – where you can practice your gaming abilities, without risking your money. This kind of software can be easily found and installed on your computer, and it doesn’t require a deposit in order to start. Once you have acquired the necessary skills and gaming strategies, you can register at an online casino to win some real money.

Nowadays gambling has become a science, where more and more energy is being directed towards the development of better gaming strategies. Detailed machine statistics are made available to help you understand and analyzing your game.

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Sonja is a professional content writer and is a professional poker player as well. She is here to tell you all about the secrets of this industry that will help you in improving your card game.