Poker Strategy The River – What are the strategies!!

The river is the last Street of the poker hand, and thus the last opportunity for players to fire out their value bets or their bluffs, and to generally influence the eventual outcome of the hand in any way. As such, one has to recognize that the river is a rather special betting round indeed. On the river, players are basically betting with made hands. They will not get another opportunity to change the makeup of their hand in any way. Semi-bluffing is no longer an option on the river. With all the above in mind, it’s easy to see why experts recommend a little bit of change of pace in strategy once one hits this important milestone. Different strategies are available at situs judi online terpercaya site for increasing the bank balance of the gamblers. The implementation of the skills and strategy will provide the bet benefits to the gamblers to have the benefits at the online casino.

Quite possibly one of the most intricate positions one can find him or herself in on the river is doing battle for a multi-way pot with a rather strong yet not top-dog hand. The number of variables involved in this situation will set most beginners off-balance. Suppose you have a set with a top kicker on the river, and two other players in the pot with you, who have called all your previous bets, raises and check raises. One of the players in front of you fires out a bet and it is now your turn with the other player coming up after you. What do you do? Folding is obviously not a proper option in this case considering the strength of your hand and the amount of money that has already gone into the middle. Your remaining options are calling or raising.

What we recommend in this situation is that you call, and here’s why: if you happen to hold the best hand at the table, your opponent (the player coming up after you) is likely to just call if you make a call, thus ending the betting round right there and then. If you do have the best hand and you make the raise, he is likely to fold. The other guy (the one in front of you) will re-raise you if you actually raise and he has the better hand. To make a long story short: calling is best because it will keep you out of harm’s way: if you do indeed have the best hand, you will win the same amount of money whether you call or raise, but if you have the second best hand, you stand to lose two more big bets if you decide to raise.

Heads-up situations on the river come in two shapes: you’re either the aggressor or the player drawing.

One will enjoy a natural advantage on the river if he is the aggressor, however when a scary card lands on the river, that’s when the aggressor will find him or herself in a bit of a fix. If one is drawing to a hand and does indeed manage to land a monster on the river the primary objective becomes the value bet. Exactly how that value bet is placed, depends on the reads that our player has made on his or her heads-up opponent. More on this aspect of post-river play in a future article.

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