Pushing All In With A Multi Draw Hand In Omaha High

In omaha high you have to draw to the nuts. However there are special situations where you have to push all-in even if you do not have many outs to the nuts. Which are these situations? These are cases when you have multiple draws and no matter what your opponent has you definitely have many outs on him and at the same time you also have great pot odds.

The drawing of the best hands at the 사설토is possible for the gamblers at the platform. The understanding of the odds is essential for the players to have a pleasant experience. The beating of the opponent is easy and simple for the gamblers to get the desired results. 

Let’s see an example. The game is six handed, $0.25/$0.50 blind level omaha high. Your position is the hijack and you get dealt the 9T8T. The UTG raises to $1.75 and you make an easy call with connected cards, containing a pair and a flush draw, not even mentioning that you have position on your opponent. The button calls and the two blinds fold. The pot is $6 and the stack sizes are the following:

  • UTG: $101.75
  • You: $31.85
  • Button: $84.81

The flop is: JT2. This is a very interesting and at the same time great flop for your multi- draw omaha high hand! You have a set of tens, a jack high flush draw and an open-ended straight draw. The problem is that your set is losing against a set of jacks, your flush draw is losing against higher flushes and your straight draw can only have the nuts with three cards (777). Although you have to consider all these factors your hand is still strong enough with all the different draws and a set that it is impossible to fold. Basically it does not matter what your opponents have, you will not fold your hand. You have to bet, raise or reraise no matter what. You may even win right away. If you cannot take down the pot then you should push all-in with such a strong omaha high holding.

The UTG checks, you bet half the pot ($3) and the Button folds. You could have bet bigger but your decision is ok. You have to vary your play. Now it is the UTG;s turn again who reraises to $15. Hmmm, this is an interesting play. Now we know he has a strong hand. If he has the current nuts or the set of jacks then you can win with a straight or a flush. You have very many outs in this case. If he has the nut flush draw with a straight draw then you hold some of his outs and your set is ahead at the moment. You definitely have great pot odds either way, not even mentioning that in low stakes poker your opponents will surprise you sometimes and show complete trash such as a set of deuces or a jack-ten two pairs. In these situations you will be in a really good shape.

You also have to consider that you are only comfortable because the board is draw heavy. If t he flop was something like 92A you would not be so happy to reraise all-in with a set of nines. This board is not draw heavy at all (no flush draws and little straight draws). In this case a reraise often means a set of aces.

Another fact that makes your decision easy is that the Button folded. If he raised and the UTG reraised then it would be likely that someone have the top set and the other player has the nut flush with the nut straight draw.

However in the given example you have only one opponent and you can comfortably reraise all-in with your great multi draw omaha high hand.

You reraise all-in with your remaining $27.10 and your opponent calls. Your opponent shows Q6JJ for a set of jacks. You have to hit a straight or flush while dodging the full house (the T makes quad tens for you, also winning you the hand in case the remaining jack does not come). This is one of the very rare situations when the odds are 50%-50%! The turn is the K making the odds 65%-35% in favor of your opponent. The J on the river gives quads to your opponent and you lose the hand.

I have to add as a comment that the given hand is a perfect example for running the hand twice, however on such low stakes there are no options to run an all-in twice.

What can you do in such a situation? Not much. You had a very strong multi draw hand in omaha high and in such situations you have to push all-in. You lost the battle but did not lose the war.

I wish you good luck at the tables and I also give you a chance to use the best offers for a new poker account registration.

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