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Three coins…one arm…three matching bananas…millions. Who in the world does not know about slots? It is arguably the most popular casino game worldwide, and the most recognizable both by name and appearance. Slot machines are some of the few game types in casinos you do not play at a table, along with video machine and keno games.

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And for a game so simple it practically has no rules and requires the smallest minimum wagers, slot machines promise some of the biggest payoffs in casino gambling history. No wonder too many people are hooked on slots.

Slots Strategy

Slots are said to be the ultimate game of chance. Pure luck and random outcomes govern each game, and no skill is required of players whatsoever. Slot machines were first manufactured for casinos to provide a diversion to the wives and girlfriends of serious casino gamblers burning time and money at the game tables. Hence, the easiest and least expensive casino game, with a mojo that works on just about anyone. And in return for practically zero effort on your part, the next spin is always potentially worth a million-dollar jackpot.

Slot Machine Betting Tips

The slot machines of today remain to be equipped with the same reels and levers of the slot machines of old, but you know this is all for show. In actuality, it is a random number generator (RNG) that operates the slot machine spins whilst the reels and levers have no influence on the spin outcomes at all. In addition, slot machines are all pre-programmed to follow a particular payout ratio.

What is known in casinos as the payout refers loosely to the amount of money won by a player per session or playing round of a game. Except that in slots, the payout is measured by what is known as a hold. A payout and a hold are not one and the same but the exact opposite of one another. Technically speaking, the payout means the percentage of a bet that is returned to players across a game while the hold means the percentage of a bet that is withheld inside the slot machine across its lifetime.

Slot machines have an average hold within the range of 2% and 10%. But note that the hold is governed by the law of large numbers. Just like other mathematical game odds, the calculated hold is valid on a broad scale but not literally true for every individual game play. For example, a hold of 5% does not mean a slot machine will payout $95 within 100 games that are $1 each.

As opposed to the hold, slot machines are pre-programmed to have an average payout within the range of 80% and 99%, including jackpot payouts. Note that each and every slot machine has a different payout percentage, regardless that machines have the same exact reels, paylines, or brand name. No two Megabucks are alike.

In reel slot machines, one way to gauge the payout and hold is by the number of a machine’s reels and symbols. As a rule of thumb, the fewer the number of symbols per reel in a machine, the easier to hit upon a winning combination. Simply because the odds are higher on the combinations-win ratio.

Let us take the traditional one-armed bandit. It has three reels and 20 symbols per reel. To determine the odds of hitting a jackpot symbol on each reel: 20 * 20 * 20 = 8000. Ergo, the odds of hitting that one jackpot are 7999:1. Alternatively, if the slot machine has three reels and 120 symbols (newer machines contain more symbols): 120 * 120 * 120 = 1,728,000. Ergo, your odds of hitting the jackpot are a scary 1,727,999:1.

For modern slot machines that are not really run by their reels, the number of symbols per reel based on the jackpot value is determined by the RNG. As a general rule, the higher the jackpot of a slot machine, the greater the number of symbols per reel. A related rule is that the higher the value of coins required by a slot machine, the higher the odds of coming upon a winning combination.

Whether it’s the hold or payout you want to find out, or other win/loss variables, the bottomline is to check the odds of the game. Pay attention to the number of reels, which determines the number of symbols per combination. For example, 4-reel slots are generally believed to have higher payouts but 3-reel slots have considerably better odds. In addition, smart money management is a strategic must. Manage your bankroll to maximize your wins and minimize your losses.

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