Top 3 Online Casino Roundup

It has been some time since we last published a top three list of online casino sites that we think are best for Canadian online gamblers. So once again, we pick our top three, and this time around, Maple Casino is not in first place!

First up is pkv games on All Slots online casino. Why have we chosen All Slots online casino as our top site for Canadian online gamblers, and dropped Maple Casino from top of the list? Well, mainly because in the time since we last produced a top three list, so much has changed at All Slots online casino, and all of it good for Canadian online gamblers. A few months back, All Slots was all about online slot games. But in recent months it has added other types of online gambling games, and it has also launched a fantastic mobile casino app. So these two changes now give it top place for us.

Maple Casino comes next. Of course, with a name like Maple Casino, we know it should be good for Canadian online gamblers right? And indeed it is. Until now, we always rated Maple Casino as our top online casino for Canadian online gamblers. If All Slots had not done so much recently to make it better, Maple Casino would still be top of our list. A very solid online gambling site, and well worthy of its place in our top three list.

In third place we put Platinum Play. However, it was a tough choice, as it is really just as good as Maple Casino for Canadian online gamblers. We gave Maple Casino second place simply for the name in the end! Platinum Play makes this list for one specific reason. The awesome welcome bonus. New players who sign up for Platinum Play online casino are giving $5,000 in free bets, and 24 hours to wager all of it. Anything left, after the 24 hour period, can be moved in to the players live casino account.

So there we have it, three fantastic online casinos sites for Canadian online gamblers. All Slots, Maple Casino and Platinum Play are all fantastic online gambling sites, each of which offers a great online casino experience. We recommend all three as the top online casino sites for Canadian online gamblers at this time, and recommend our readers check them out if they have not done so before.

A casino is an office for specific sorts of betting. Gambling clubs are frequently worked close or joined with lodgings, resorts, caf├ęs, retail shopping, journey ships, and other vacation spots. A few gambling clubs are likewise known for facilitating live diversion, for example, stand-up parody, shows, and sports.

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