What Can Blackjack Teach Us About Life

In life, every single experience can be used to teach us something for moving forward. This rather philosophical outlook is particularly applicable to the kind of experiences one might find playing casino games.

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If you look closely enough, blackjack, like all casino games, possesses its fair share of lessons applicable to life. So with that thought in mind, let’s take a look four things you can learn about the game of life while sitting at the blackjack table.

Relying on just luck will never be enough

As an army of card counters would confirm, blackjack is the casino game where you are more likely to shift the house edge in your favour by developing a basic strategy. Therefore developing a strategy and executing it under the stress of playing conditions teaches blackjack players that preparation is the only way to swing the odds in your favour.

Blackjack life lesson

Although you can’t control every variable or ‘act of god’ life has the habit of throwing your way, you can improve your chances of success through careful preparation.

Life isn’t fair

Even the most prepared blackjack players don’t win every hand. In blackjack, as in life, there are just too many variables that you can’t control. For example, the dealer might keep getting the best cards, or you might continue to be dealt lousy cards. In fact, a combination of these two things might happen with such regularity that it all seems totally unfair.

Blackjack life lesson

Preparation will put you in the best position to seize your opportunities when they come your way. However, even with the best preparation in place, it’s important to remember that success will not always automatically follow.

Treat people as equals

At the blackjack table, players from every walk of life imaginable gather to play as equals and to enjoy a common interest. Often, the blackjack player will be confronted by complete strangers and will know nothing of their respective abilities of traits, so it’s important not to judge.

Blackjack life lesson: You should take the mind-set of treating people as equals into everyday life. This way, you’ll open yourself up to enjoying new experiences with people who could potentially enrich your life.

Know when to cut your losses

Most blackjack players realise that it’s never a good idea to chase their losses. That said, even the most sensible of players will have a devil on their shoulder telling them they can win back their money if they stay strong. Unfortunately, listening to that voice is what leads to many players taking a financial beat down.

Blackjack life lesson: In a real-life context, you need to know when to call it quits. If you have a failing business, for example, sometimes it’s extremely foolish to keep pouring good money after bad. Therefore in life, you need to learn when to keep going, and when to cut your losses.

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